Your PSK

 I know you are excited to get your Kit FINALLY !!!!

There are soooooo many ways to use these little bottles of plant juice. 

Here is a list of 100 ways to your your new Premium starter kit. 

AND the down low on how to use oils in general!




Carrier Oil

Everyone has their favorite carrier oil. Some are better for things than others.          


Carrier oils dilute the essential oils that are very potent and allow them to absorb slower so that they will not give you that "burning"  sensation.  


Essential oils are highly concentrated and we recommend starting with a small amount.

 -Coconut oil is great to make  creams with and apply or oils topically.

 -Sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, & jojoba oil are great for topical use as well.                                                          -Vegetable oil or olive oil are used for internal use. Just imagine rubbing vegetable oil on your arms... it's not  going to  absorb very well.  But your stomach is designed to absorb it perfectly!


Did You Know


-When essential oils are inhaled it only takes 20 seconds for an oil to reach the  brain?  That's the quickest way to get oils into your system. Make sense right! Just think about it, when you go in for surgery, Sometimes they use the gas mask!


-When you apply oils topically, it only takes 2 to 3 minutes for an oil to reach the bloodstream and only 20 minutes to affect every cell in your body. Then you metabolize it within 2 1/2 hours.

-There are 40 million trillion molecules in one single drop of oil. Our bodies have 100 trillion cells. To start by using one drop! (Dilute accordingly)


Get bettter results

If your body pH is low, your body is acidic; This is why it's very important to detox your body and start a healthy lifestyle! Your body will receive everything better if you are treating it better.

You could also have less response or perhaps minimal negative reaction to the consider using Young Living's AlkaLime if    you have low pH levels. So lets start working on that!

Drink Water

First things first...

Start drinking A LOT OF WATER...


(You will thank us later)

When you start flavoring your water with our amazing vitality oils, PLEASE PLEASE  remember to use a glass or glass jar.  Plastic and oils don't mix!

That includes cups, straws and plastic water bottles!



Vita Flex Points

This awesome little roadmap of your body on the bottom of your feet is one of the most common ways everyone uses the essential oils.


When your fingertips connect to specific reflex points on the bottom of your feet, an electrical charge is

released that sends energy throughout the neuroelectrical


We also apply oils to a few other places with great results;

The spine... Rub up the spine! We apply behind our ears or on the ears,

on our wrist -awesome pulse point! Temples  (make sure you keep them wayyyyy away from your eyes).

There are other charts just like this that you can Google and find 

in your Essential Oil Pocket 

Reference book and Essential Oil Desk Reference Book.

The ear chart and hand chart are very useful.