Our Values:

Hello, a little bit about us:

Our names are Darrin and Jackie Calvert. We have 3 kiddos and live in Birmingham, AL. We have an incredible story to tell you but our journey is not even close to being over. We are so blessed to have been introduced to Young Living Essential oils and our mission is to educate and equip every home with these amazing products. We lead a phenomenal group of people that chose to join us in pursuing the business side of Young Living.



Ok so I was a skeptic..Like a HUGE skeptic. I really was. As some of you know I struggled with mouth ulcers for a lifetime it seems. Since the age of 11.  I was over at a friends home for a small group and needless to say I was in serious pain. So she whipped up a little mix of something white and put a drop of oil or two in it... HOLY MOLY it was hot. I though she was crazy but I did it anyways. What would it hurt? I have tried EVERYTHING else. So the next day Im going to brush my teeth and well the boo boo in my mouth was like BETTER....not all the way but YALL, it was a dramatic difference. It looked like it was 3 weeks into healing. I could touch it with my tongue, drink water and talk.... I though dang now I have to tell her it worked because I MUST HAVE SOME. So in the mean time she puts me in this awesome oily community to look around and I see a ton of info about pain, seasonal struggles, upset stomach issues, breathing problems and more... (did yall see how I kept all that FDA approved?)  hahaha... ok so I made a list and had to try all of these new oils.  It worked for me so why wouldn't it work for my family right?!   WELL....let me tell you, all those oils on my list were in this "kit" so I purchased it. I ran around telling my friends and family about our experience and they wanted to jump on board too...one month later I checked the mail and had a $496 THANK YOU CHECK for telling others. And well the rest is history....





Honor God 

Honesty & Integrity

Inspire & Encourage Others

Be Positive & Speak Life

Have FUN & Laugh A LOT