Stay Connect


Staying connected with your new enrollments will help them get educated on using Young Living Essential Oils and potentially develope a new business builder for you. Use this step by step process to help guide you in growing your organization.

Provide what they need to be successful.

1. GOODIE BAGS - People LOVE free stuff and there are a few things that help they use thier oils better! Here are a few Ideas for you to choose from. Make it your own! All of these tools listed below can be purchased from our Resources page!

*Roller Bottles

*Dropper Bottles

*Sample Bottles

*Vegetable Capsules

*EOPR - Essentail Oil Pocket Reference

*Oil Revolution Starter Guide (small)

*LSP Quick Reference Guide 


2. SEND AN EMAIL - Welcome your new member to our team. Here is a sample wording FOLLOW UP EMAIL.  Let them know to contact you if they need anything and make sure you send the link to our "OILY EDUCATION" page to get them started. 

Here is the link (copy and paste it to them) this is the welcome page. Let them play aroud and see that there is MORE to this than just using oils.



3. START LEARNING PACKET - If for some reason your new member isnt very computer savy, thats TOTALLY ok. You can print this packet out and they can look over it and learn that way. 

**Note, this is also at the bottom of the Oily Education page. Clicking on the "Print out a starter packet" button and you are ready to go.


Click HERE to download the PDF starter packet. ~25 Pages!

WEEKS 2 - 3
Depending on how long they have had their kit. Give them some time to use it.


1. CALL THEM - How are you liking your oils ? 

Link up with them on Facebook! Now is the time to show them how to log into the virtual office and go over how to reorder. Let them know you will be sending them a link to our HOW TO page. This will show them how to log in, how to attach the roller fitment, how to make creams and more!


2. RESOURCES - Make sure they have all the links they may need to search or purchase tools to help them use their oils.



Sometimes  you have a go getter and they need to know about Essential Rewards before they "loose money"



WEEKS 4 - 5 
Some people just work better face to face.


1. MEETING - Set up a time you can meet with your new member. This is a great opportunity to hear some success stories and teach them how to SHARE.   Check out out "SHARING" page! It has great tips and tricks we all like to use. 


2. EARN MONEY BACK - At this point I always like to share with my new member about refering their friends. We all like to add our friends and family's order to ours but equipping them with their own membership willl be most benificial for you and them! 


3. TALK ABUOT HOSTING A CLASS- just plant a seed. they may not have a ton of people intrested yet but they will... let them know how to share and once they do this will happen naturally. Let them know that you will be intouch soon to schedule a class to earn them their money back. 


Its GO time...


1. SCHEDULE A CLASS - Teach a class or have a small gathering. Check the business tools for more tips on how to do this. 


2. ESSENTIAL REWARDS - Time to follow up and ask them what all oils they are loving and see if they nee help reordering. This is a great time to talk about essential rewards. Send them the Link on Essential Rewards so that they can learn more about it AFTER you have discussed this with them.


3. TELLING NOT SELLING - IF they have shown any intrest in the business its time to share with them just how easy it is to "TELL NOT SELL" Just talking about their story will be huge. You never know how God plans on using  your testimony.