Compensation Videos 


Monique a cross line friend of ours recently recreated all of her great compensation plan videos to share with the YL world. Her new website is She did a great job so why reinvent the wheel when its all there for us to use already... All of the videos will be housed there for future reference. Follow this site, her blog, and her advice to get lots of ideas on how to incorporate them into your YL business. Be sure to tag and share these videos with your newest members. This is such great info for anyone interested in understanding how we get paid at Young Living.





Rising Star Team Bonus


Rank Qualification and Payout from Distributor to Executive

Rank Qualification and Payout from Silver to Royal Crown Diamond

Personal Generations


Leadership Bonus






**50PV gets you Fast Start bonuses and Kit bonuses - that's the

$$ from someone who signs up under you. You get a $25 bonus when they enroll and 25% for their (not your, THEIR) first three months. (plus 10% from people THEY enroll during that person's first three months)
**This can be done through a REGULAR ORDER -OR- through ER. Doesn't matter.

**When someone orders just the kit they spend 100pv - you get $25 bonus plus 25% ...of the 100pv (another $25)
- that's where the $50 for a kit comes from.
100pv gets you all the same things PLUS you're eligible for the unilevel commissions... That's everything that happens after those first three months and the percentages listed on the compensation jpg attached. 100pv is also required for you to hit ANY rank.
**This can be done through a REGULAR ORDER -OR- through ER. Doesn't matter.

**If someone has been stacked under you, you're eligible for Unilevel Commissions off them, not for any of the kit bonuses. During their first 3 months you get 30% of the unilevel commissions since their enroller is getting the 24% Fast Start Bonuses
NONE of the PVs must be spent through ER. Essential Rewards is a VERY SMART program to be utilizing due to the shipping savings and the points you rack up (like credit card points, to be exchanged for free oils, UM YES!).
Seriously, you SHOULD be enrolled in ER, but you do NOT have to be in order to get paid any of the above bonuses/commissions.

**The ONLY BONUS that requires you to do a 100ER order is the Rising Star bonus, which is in effect through Exec.
**Please feel free to ask questions and I'm happy to clarify!!