Frequently asked, How To's?


Logging in to your account


Here is the link to sign in to your virtual office. 

You can use your Username or Member number along with the password you chose at the time of enrollment. 


Once you log in, there will be a easy to use menu to the left of your screen.

The options are:

DASHBOARD - To view your growth with YL.

MEMBER NEWS - The latest news that most of us get an email about.

MESSAGE CENTER - Members can message you here. This is a great feature.

MY ORGANIZATION - Look over your members and keep intouch with them.

QUICK ORDER - Quick Order here as many times a month as you want.

ESSENTIAL REWARDS - Our Auto ship program that EVERYONE should be on.

MEMBER RESOURCES - This is a great place to find distibutor help.

MY ACCOUNT - This is all your Info, you can change your address, phone,                                       payment and more.


How to sign up for 

Essential Rewards!



Are you tired of reading about Essential Rewards yet?

Of course you're not. Because you like free stuff and cheaper shipping!


Here is HOW TO SIGN UP for this amaing program.


How to apply and remove

the roller fitments!


This is one of the most common questions we get after you recieve your

kit. Isnt it funny how the most simplest things can have us confused?

This video is so awesome that I chose it over the one I made for you guys.

She makes GREAT videos so we use them to share with yall.

So be sure to take a look and share it with others that need a little help!

How to use and clean your 

Home Diffuser.



These are some great tips on diffusing your oils. I wish this info would

have been available when we started using essential oils. 


The other tips here are on cleaning the diffuser. I know people who have 

never cleaned their diffuser. I would reccomend taking care of those

costly little jewels.












How to make a cream with your Essential Oils!





How to make Hand Purifier!