Setting Realistic Goals

It is important to remember that your Young Living business is a “4-year-career.”

Some people build their Young Living businesses very quickly and others do not.

The people that build their business very quickly often had other platforms, like blogs or another

online presence, that gave them a wider audience and it’s important to not compare your

progress to anyone else’s growth in this business. That being said, you have the opportunity to

build a long-term residual income with Young Living if you persevere.


Here are some things to take into consideration when establishing your goals:


  •   Typically, the more hours you put into the business, the faster growth will occur.

  •   “Income Producing Activities” build this business. It’s important to come up with a plan for what those activities will be.

  •  Your method will affect your growth. If you decide to “Strategically Place” (more on that in the next section) then you may rank faster, and if you pursue the “Rising Star Bonus” (again, more on that in the next section) then you may take longer to hit ranks.

  • Finding and training other business builders increases your odds of building a larger network and residual income faster.

  • LIFE HAPPENS. Unexpected things happen in life that could cause us, as well as our downline members, to reassess our priorities and our goals. Be flexible and understanding if goals change.


While everyone grows their businesses at different paces, Some people choose to not only focus on ranking when they building their Young Living business. Here are some other goals that people set:


  • Build a strong foundation by pursuing the “Rising Star Bonus” (more on that in the next section).

  •  Coach a certain amount of builders to a specific rank.

  •  Earn a certain dollar amount. This may happen through enrollments, qualifying for bonuses, or others ranking in the organization.

  • Focus on increasing the organization by a certain amount of new members each month. Some people work towards having a set number of people in their downline within a certain time frame.


If you are actively working this business, and talking to a lot of people, you will hear plenty of “nos!” It is very important to have income producing activities, or “actionables,” to focus on that are not dependent on anyone’s response to you. Here are some examples:

·       Make a set number of care calls each day.

·       Coach a person through the “Health Goals” worksheet (Section: Sharing Young Living).

·       Host a certain number of classes each month. If no one shows up use that time to do more actionables!

·       Work a set amount of focused hours each day.

·       Contact a certain amount of people from a prospect list each day.

·       Read leadership books. “Readers are Leaders” (See Resource List for suggestions)

·       Read books on essential oils.

·       Send “thank you” cards to your customers.

·       Send a word of encouragement to a builder in your organization.

·       Send acknowledgement cards or letters to your business builders.

·       Send acknowledgement cards or letters to your business builders.

·       Study Young Living products and essential oils in the Essential Oil Desk Reference.

·       Listen to calls and watch videos of successful network marketers.



One Successful Approach

Coaches and upline often get asked, “What did you do to build your business?” Adam Green, Royal Crown Diamond, shared 3 very practical goals he set to build his business at the 2013 Young Living Grand Convention. Below you will find Adam’s goals along with some added tips:

3 Steps to Success:

1. Talk to 3 People Every Single Day. Get that prospect list out and decide who you will contact, reach out to someone on social media that has posted about an ailment that you think could be helped by oils, and/or decide your errands are not over until you talk to a stranger about Young Living.

2. Schedule 2 Classes Every Single Month. When classes are on the calendar you have a place to invite the prospects you’re talking to each day.

3. Find 2 People Each Month That You Can Coach. Network marketing is all about duplication. Duplicating yourself by coaching someone else through the business process will build your powerful organization.