Share your own personal story about how essential oils have helped you and your family online or in person.  You don’t have to try to sell, just tell others about your experience. 


As you get interest, help your friends and family try the oils or buy a few from you to try out. Some of the people you talk to will want to skip right to step 3 and become a member. 


Help your friends become members by giving them your personal link to the sign-up page and helping them select the premium starter kit to get them started on their oil journey. 


Circle of Success

These tills will walk you through 6 steps that we believe will help you achieve success. Every interaction you have with your friends, as they learn about essential oils, will fall into one of these steps. Following this path has proven over and over again to be the order that most of your interactions should follow. 
Click on the TITLES below for MORE on each topic.


Add your friends to our Testimonial page on FB and help give them all the tools to fall madly in love with essential oils just like you have. Before they know it, they’ll be a full-blown addict!


Show your friends the benefits of Essential Rewards and give them information about building points toward free oils and helping them get reduced shipping costs. It’s a win-win! 


Once your friends are oil freaks, just like you (you know you are), it’s easy to talk to them about the benefits of being a team member. It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4-5-6! They can thank you later.