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Diamond Bound 2019 🔥 Corporate Panel Q&A

October 6, 2019


Yesterday one of the sessions at Diamond Bound was a Corporate Panel. Here’s what they had to say. (juicy stuff here!!)😍😍

1. Free shipping at a certain threshold, like 300pv or 190pv might be coming someday! They’re trying to figure out the logistics. So keep it in the back of your mind, YL HEARS YOU! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

2. Thieves cleaner has been tested to show it kills 99.9% of germs!! Mary herself said this. There has been testing on this for awhile, apparently. Sounds like we will be able to make claims soon! For now, keep those claims around the kitchen table in one on one convos👏🏻

3. YL is a debt free company. 😯 THIS. IS. HUGE.

4. Despite rumors, Young Living is not planning to, nor ever will go public.

5. Will there be a change in the premium starter kits? We are in the process of looking at new possible starter kits aka kidscents with feather the owl or seedlings! They are also looking into starter kits with different price points. More to come in the new year!

6. YL is slated to be the biggest company in the CBD Business, which is slated to be a 24 billion dollar industry in just a few years. NOW is the time to help people learn about CBD to grow your businesses.

7. CBD is shown to be more powerful when combined with essential oils.

8. Nature’s Ultra CBD is a subsidiary of Young Living which is why it’s a clunky ordering process. But don’t worry! They are working on it. Phase one was to make it available, phase two was giving it PV, phase three is bringing the ordering process together. PS They are working on getting it to Canada! 🇨🇦

9. The warehouse is now completely waste free! Nothing goes to the landfill!! 😯 👏🏻

10. Water filtration system is in place and no plastic water bottles are allowed at YL corporate. This is another part of our 5X5 pledge. We even train other companies how to be green and send teams out to educate.

11. CBD on ER is in the works but we need legal approval. We are set to get this going as soon as we get the green light but that might take time.

One tiny part of the problem is that we accept AMEX but AMEX won’t let anyone buy CBD with the card. Even if CBD AWERE PART OF A LARGER ORDER, AMEX wouldn’t allow it. Lesson? Write letters to American Express.

We use Colorado for the hemp farm because there’s less likelihood of use of chemicals at high altitudes. This means the soil is more pure and it’s easier for us to find organic farmland, etc.

12. YL e-commerce system is coming soon and simpler ordering is coming. 


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