Strategic Placement

 So I think stacking is actually a bad word...we are supposed to say strategic placement. In most MLM companies its discouraged but in this business it is crucial to achiving ranks and growing  your business!


Here are YL's Rules on "MOVING MEMBERS" 


Strategic Team moves with Resolutions

  • Members can request a move or be moved by their enroller within the first 5 days of creating an account by calling customer service. No pin is required. If the member has enrolled anyone in that first 5 days, they will move with them.

  • Members can request a move or be moved by their enroller after 5 days within 30 days of creating an account by sending an email to If the member makes the request, the email must come from their email currently on file with YL. If the enroller makes the request, the email must come from their email currently on file with YL. If the member has enrolled anyone in that first 30 days, they will move with them.

  • Members can make a request to be moved after 30 days of creating an account by sending an email to from their email account that is currently on file with YL. At the same time the member should Cc(copy) 3 active upline members who will then approve the move. It is important to note that the email must come from the member not the enroller. A fee of $35 will be required to process the move.

    This member will forfeit anyone in their downline. However only after the initial member’s move has been complete, a request from each person in the downline can be sent to move as well. All rules previously listed will apply to any of those moves. 

(Just a few thoughts)

Stacking is when you take someone who enrolls under you, and you MOVE them under someone else. You stay enroller (meaning you keep all the payout bonuses), and the person you move them under becomes the sponsor. They get no bonuses, but they do make unilevel commission on them. I am about to redo the stacking video, but for right now, I want to touch on just a few things about the "moving process".


~First, you have 5 days that you can move someone over the phone. This is ALWAYS the easiest thing to do. You can call or go on live chat and say, I want to move Jane Doe, member number 1234567 to go under Sally Smith member number 7654321. I would like to stay the enroller and make Sally the sponsor.


-If you are executive or above and have access to the Leadership Line, they give you no grief, at times regular customer service will say you have to have the person's pin number. That is when you say, I'm sorry, may I speak with your supervisor, because my upline said I do not. YOU DO NOT NEED THEIR PIN NUMBER.


Moving in the first five days is just a good rule of thumb. Try having a plan in place before people enroll, or if they say they are interested, think, where do I need to move this person. If you do not do it with the first 5 days, you have to do so by email. You email and say the exact same thing as above.


You need to VERIFY all the info, member numbers, etc are correct in your information. I like to list the person's name as well so they can see it matches up. You have 30 days to request change by email. They will send you an email that is just an automatic response that they got that email. If you got that automatic response AND you sent within the 30 day time frame, you are TOTALLY safe. Depending on when you send that request in the month, it could take up to two weeks or more for you to see that move in your downline viewer. DO NOT worry, if you got the email response back from them, it will be taken care of, you don't have to worry about messaging them to check on it.


Also, even if you don't see it before the month switches over, I promise, promise, promise, it will be taken care of before your next commission check. Also, if you do have to send an email requesting a change and you have like 5 moves. PLEASE list them all in one email to resolutions, that helps them a TON. Finally, just giving you heads up, if you have excessive moves, not meaning you had 20 enroll and you moved 20, but if they see you move the same person like 20 times, and that is me exaggerating, probably if they see you move a person like 4 or 5 times back and forth, back and forth, they have the right to refuse that move.


Yes, there will be times that you need to move someone for some reason, like maybe you didn't realize they actually knew someone in your group and you want to move them and you had already moved once, but if it gets excessive, they will not move that person anymore. I try to ALWAYS have my plan in place, then once I move, I just let it be. There is no exact science to stacking. Don't stress yourself out over it. I will go over this more in the new video. They have to make the rule above so people don't move people who enroll late in the month to help someone reach a certain level and then after the next month hits bc they are still in their 30 days, move them again to help someone else reach a certain level. I can't even imagine that people do that, but I guess they have to make the rule for some reason. As far as that goes.


Here are my thoughts on this. The Lord is blessing our socks off, there is NO reason to be unethical in any of our business dealings. The money is crazy good here and why would we want to cheat the system? So let's make sure to keep high integrity. 









*We were taught one way, but now encourage another.

We all learned We all learned to do it one way, but here is monique teaching us that if she could go BACK she would do things a little different.... You Executives and up pay attention.. this will help you BIG TIME! 


Monique: Here is what I would do a little differently a year into my business.




(Sample email to send)

You can move members around in your organization via
live chat or over the phone for the first 5 days of their membership…
AFTER THEN…members have to be moved by email within 30 days. Here is a sample.

Subject: move members
Hello my name is Jackie Calvert my member # is 1450000 and my pin is 1234.
I would like to move Jane doe #123456 under the NEW SPONSOR Bobby sue # 654321
I would like to REMAIN the enroller.
Thank you.
Jackie Calvert

You should NOT have to have their pin to move them around…
If they tell you that ask them to please check with someone because
your up line told you that was not necessary!
Please remember to list all member numbers and
repeat that you want to remain the Enroller.

This gives you the ability to stack your team the way you want it but still
be compensated for signing the new member up and keeping all the bonuses.

IF you NEED to move a member and feel led to give the enroller space
away to someone on your team, simply say that you would like to move
the member #123456 under the NEW SPONSOR AND ENROLLER #654321.

This is easy easy easy… Please don’t let time slip by because
then you will have to pay to move your members!