🌺Aloha Friends!


I am super excited to support your journey with Young Living, my favorite part of using Essential Oils is sharing them with those that I love and care about! So how do you get started... it’s easy! Follow the steps below and call me if you have any questions😊


Step 1: (((((( YOUR SIGN UP LINK ))))))  *Here is the sign up link. ✅Click on it and it will take you to the home page to order.  You will see a prompt to confirm that I will be your enroller. 💁🏼


Step 2: "Wholesale Member" is marked off instead of "Retail Customer.” DUHHHH.. who wants to pay retail???  Wholesale is the only way to get access to the kit and the 24% discount you get afterwards. #Winning 💯


Step 3: Make sure my member numbers are in the blanks👉🏽👉🏽(they should automatically populate there if you entered with that link in step 1) Sponsor #000000    Enroller #0000000


Step 4: Choose PREMIUM STARTER KIT $160. The Desert Mist (I have this one😃) 

Or Dewdrop diffuser is INCLUDED in it, so pick one✔️... You are welcome to upgrade to a different diffuser, if you choose. 


Step 5: You have the OPTION of signing up for Essential Rewards, Ill work with you on a 3 month wellness plan. SO WORTH IT! You earn 10% back on whatever you order for the first three months and then 20% back for two years, then it bumps up to 25% back. 🙌🏻😍


Okay, so why I L❤️VE my ER is it’s literally like a Monthly Wellness Box that I get to customize to meet my needs and filled with stuff that I would be buying for my 🏠anyway at other stores that sure aren’t letting me earn free stuff or 💰money back... It is amazing & I do highly recommend it! This is the only way I order with Young Living.💁🏼


Step 6: At the very bottom of the screen, there is a blue box that says (OPTIONAL: ADD ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS) Click that box if you choose to order other products or oils besides what comes in the kit.📦💕


Step 7: Fill out membership information. Young Living limits kits to wholesale members only. 

👉🏼***Shipping-Smart Post takes a very long time so I encourage you to pay a few more dollars and get a quicker shipping method. 


Step 8: 📝Be sure you write down your pin, user name and password when you choose it because you'll need that in the future to log into your account. Please let me know what your pin number is so that I may be able to track your kit. It is necessary for me to help you as your enroller so that I can always be able to resolve any issues (rare leaky oil bottle, tracking shipments, etc.) that you may have.


Step 9: Click "Agree" and "Continue"


Step 10: Check out. 😃

Let me know if you have any questions along the way. 


Welcome to the COOL club.

You’re gonna love your Oils! 


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Step by Step Enrollment