Essential Rewards (ER), is Young Living’s auto-ship program. Many people get scared off by the “automatic” part of this situation but it’s really not scary at all if it’s presented in the right way and in the right order. In fact, ER can be downright awesome!


Once your friends love their product, there’s a good chance that they’ll be placing regular follow-up orders. This is a great opportunity to tell them about the benefits of placing their future orders on ER.


Here is what your friends need to know about ER:

  • Each order has a minimum of only 50pv and can be placed only once a month.

  • The products that are purchased on ER can be changed every single month depending on what you and your friends want to order.

  • The date of the shipment may be changed.

  • Every person on ER may skip a month in a calendar year and still retain their enrollment and bonus level.

  • ER orders receive discounted shipping.

  • Every ER order accrues bonus points that can be used toward a future oil order. This percentage increases with time.

Months 1-6 will earn 10%

Months 7-12 will earn 15%

Months 13+ will earn 20%


Part One

Making people feel at ease about ER at the beginning is the route you need to take. We like to encourage people to not even worry about ER until they know they love the product (step4). Also, telling them they never have to do ER unless they want to makes them feel like you’re not trying to pull one over on them.

Once someone enrolls, make sure they know how to contact you before they make their second purchase. Tell them you can clue them in on ways they can save on shipping and earn back free products.

When people begin to question ER, reassure them that they can cancel at any time with no penalty. Also, reminding them that they can skip one month a year if they get in a bind financially is a good perk.

The lemon dropper marketing piece about ER is a great piece to send to new members before they place their second order.

Did you know we have a video that explains ER? Sending that link to your friends along with the marketing piece is a good way to get them educated on ER and the benefits it brings. This link can be found in your business Facebook group.

If someone wants to cancel their ER account, make sure they know to redeem their points they have earned before they cancel. Once you cancel, you lose your points.

When you cancel ER, you can enroll again, but you begin on month one again for your ER rewards.

You can qualify for the monthly promos each month on your ER order, however it will not list out as you receiving it like on the regular order form. Just know, if your PV reaches the amount needed, you will receive the promos.


Part One

You have to make two ER orders before you can redeem your points.

If your ER date is set for the 12th, you have until 11:59 MST to make adjustments to your order on that date.

If your ER date is set for the 12th, it will process on the 13th and may not ship until the 14th. They do not ship on weekends, so keep that in mind when you are choosing your ER date for processing. 

It is important when you are altering your order each month to remember to save your changes VERY frequently. The YL website times out quickly and orders get deleted if not saved.

There are times when orders go out of stock and are back-ordered. This will affect your PV total. If you need to maintain a PV for freebies or qualifying for a paycheck, PLEASE make sure to review your order the day of processing.

To redeem your ER points, you need to call in to YL to do so. You can see your point total when you log in to your YL account

Adding friends’ product orders to your personal ER order is a way for you to earn free points and for your friend to get a good discount. They will probably fall in love and get in on this journey too.

You do not have to be on ER to qualify for a paycheck, but we highly advise it. You have to be placing at least a 50pv order to get paid bonuses and 100pv to get paid full compensation, if you are doing this, you might as well be on ER. You are throwing away money if you aren’t.