Fall In Love


You don’t have to work too hard on this step thank goodness. Now that your friend is a “member”, help walk them through falling in love with the product. This is easy. First, they can’t fall in love with the product if they aren’t using it. Make sure they understand how to use the oils and that they have all the supplies needed to get started (carrier oils, glass dropper bottles, capsules).


Remember what it was like when you first got started? It can be a little overwhelming. Don’t feel like you have to have all the answers. You can hook them up with a copy of books like Oil Revolution Designs for ideas on how to use the kit and you can make sure they know how to use the Lounge to get their questions answered. Another great way to educate your friends is to encourage the Essential Oils Pocket Reference (EOPR). You know the drill, they will be madly in love in no time and now you have someone to talk oils with all day and night. Don’t lie, you know you could do that.



Thankfully this step is easy. The product pretty much does the work for you when you reach this step. Keeping in contact with your friend maybe once a month is a good idea just to see how they are doing.

Be creative in ways you keep in contact. Maybe you have a group that meets in your home once a month where you talk about your love for the oils. Try private messaging or emailing them. Hearing stories about the ways others use the oils keeps the excitement alive and encourages them to try new oils.

Sending an email out once a month to your friends is a great way to stay in touch. You can share monthly promos with them so they can see what they can get for free if they place a certain PV order. You may want to check into programs like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp to send out emails that include pictures and such.

Send them links on how to order The Essential Oils Pocket Reference, Healing Oils of the Bible, and Gentle Babies. Great books to get them started.

Make sure they know about the website http://oil-testimonials.com/.

Making sure they have the items on hand to use the oils is important. Tell them where to get capsules, glass bottles, and carrier oils. Many people like to order these in bulk and make up little packages to give to their friends when they enroll.  They can’t fall in love with the product if they aren’t using it.

Keep an eye on what your friends are saying about the oils in your circle of friends or on social media. Once they start talking about the oils, people are going to start asking questions. This is the time to start talking to them about what the Lemon Droppers do and how they do it differently. Many will jump right into the team once they see how easy it is.