Join the Team


Well, Fellow Oilers it looks like you have finally brought your friends full-circle. You shared your story, they tried an oil, became a member, fell in love, signed up for ER, and now they can start earning a paycheck. YAY! Obviously this step is only for members that want to participate, but who doesn’t want to earn some money to help pay for their new oil obsession? If they are on ER and placing a 100pv order every month, they qualify to get paid full commission and bonuses.


It is very likely that many of your friends will fall into this step just like we did; they love the oils, shared their story, and now a friend wants to order from them. Even without trying, they walked half-way through the Circle of Success. Help your friends get plugged into the team by adding them to the business group and now you can show them how to begin their own personal journey of sharing their story with others. Help your friend become successful on this journey, and you will become successful as well. It’s all about the teamwork, folks.




Never pressure people into this step. They, more than likely, will come to you and tell you they are interested. If they love the product, there is a high likelihood they can’t keep quiet about it to their friends.

If your friend comes to you and mentions they have someone interested, encourage them along. Tell them that falling into the business end is how most of the Droppers started. The business end is usually not on other people’s radar (especially since we don’t broach the subject with them until they love the product in most cases).

Tell your friend you can add them to the business Facebook group (s) if they want to see how they can get paid in their friend does decide to enroll. Introduce them in that group and let them know where to start to watch the videos and get comfortable with the Droppers there.

Continue to stress there is never any pressure to work the business to the bone. This group just shares ways to make it easier to share with your friends. We want them to get out and put in just as much as they are comfortable with. We don’t do sales minimums or anything like that.

You know that trying to take in all the business stuff at first can be overwhelming. Let your friend know that you are there for them to help with whatever questions they may have. The business Facebook group is also a great place to get support.

Help direct your friends toward the videos on how the we do business in the business groups. Help them when they first start telling their stories about the oils because there are going to be a lot of questions and that can be very overwhelming. One good tip is to allow them to send you their questions and let them see how you would answer it.