We hear daily, “I’m not a good salesman,” or “I don’t have a good pitch.” You don’t have to worry, the product sells itself. You simply use the oils, develop your stories, and let the experience do the rest. You can share your own personal story in person, over email or through one of the endless social media channels. One thing we can guarantee is that if you NEVER tell anyone you are using them, your friends will not read your mind and know you are the one they can come to about essential oils. This is not about “pushing” a product, but instead “equipping” our friends.


You’ve got this thing. Just start sharing your story.



 Just be natural. Sharing your story is simply you talking like you always do with your friends.

Snap a picture of your favorite oil, share on Facebook and talk about why it’s your favorite.

Be honest. If you were skeptical at first, share that. I am sure there are many others in the same boat.

Having your oils always with you and letting others see you use them will surely strike up a conversation. This will come naturally, trust me.

Share a picture of your diffuser and talk about what you are currently diffusing in your home and why.

Got your latest ER order in? Snap a picture and share about why this package made your day.

Have a funny oil conversation with your spouse or kids? Share it, I am sure someone else needs a good laugh.

Marketing pieces are great to share, but remember not to just post a piece and run. Leave your friends with a personal story or story you have heard about a friend that relates to the marketing piece.

Your story draws people in. Many times, you don’t even have to say, “Order from me.” Share your story and people will be coming to you and begging you to let them order.

Facebook posts get more attention from your friends when the “likes” and comments are higher. Be sure to let your team know when you post something that could use some love. Be sure to return the favor!