Try or Buy


Now that you have shared your story with your friends and they are interested, let’s move them to the next step, try or buy. Your friends need to experience these oils for themselves (can we get an “amen”?). You can handle this in two ways:

  • They can try a sample of your oils.

  • They can buy a bottle or two of oil from you.

Now, some people (read many) jump right over this step and go straight to purchasing the kit and becoming a member. Honestly, that is what we always recommend if budget allows, however, that is not always the case. Sometimes, people feel safer easing their way in with just a sample or a bottle, and that’s okay.


How you handle this step is up to you. Some people give samples for free and some charge for the sample packs. Some of our team members charge retail for the bottles of oils and some offer their distributor discount. You have to find what works for you. It’s okay to test the water and see what feels right. We have seen great results offering our friends our distributor discount. You must find what works well for you. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. The most important thing to remember from this step is getting your friends from “hearing” your stories to “trying” the product. That is the goal.



Part One

Allowing your friends to have your discount is a win-win. If money is tight for you, it can help you reach your monthly minimums without you having to pay money out of your pocket and your friends get to try at your great price.

When friends add to your order, it will boost your PV total and that may help you reach the PV total needed for monthly promotions.

When allowing friends to order from you, don’t forget to charge them for shipping and tax (on the retail price, not wholesale price).

Collecting the money up front is a smart way to handle orders. Using PayPal to collect money and asking friends to send it by using the “send to Friends and Family” option will allow both parties to avoid the fee.

Placing your friends’ orders on your monthly ER order will help you earn more ER points to be redeemed for free product in the future.

Sharing the Essential Oil Starter Guide is a great piece of information to give when you are delivering the product to your friend.

Allowing friends to just try samples free of charge is up to you. That may get pricey. Many people purchase the kit of samples and charge $1 per sample and tack on a couple of dollars to cover tax and shipping.

When recommending and oil or a sample of oil to your friends, try getting into a conversation with them about what specifically the oils might do for them. How might and oil improve their health, wellness or quality of life. From there you can recommend the oils that will give them the results they’re looking for.



Part Two

Offering a “kit” of samples is smart. Samples come 10 to a package. You can buy a pack of ten of each individual oil, or you can buy a set of 10 samples of ALL the oils for a discounted price. If you offer kits of 5 samples of the top five oils, that would be $25. Be sure to add tax and shipping.

Make sure your friends understand that when trying samples, many times an oil needs to be used consistently over a period of time. Obviously having your friends buy a whole bottle of an oil to try may be more bang for their buck, but again, you have to see what works best for you.

When you are delivering your package, many people like to put it in a cute bag and “dress it up” a bit. Nothing like adding an extra special touch. Lemon Droppers are all about looking as good on the outside as we know the product is on the inside.

Finally, make sure to follow up with those who have ordered. The Private group on FB is very large so make sure to touch base to see how they are liking it and if they have any questions. Many droppers have even started their own little mini groups of those who order from them just to keep in touch with those who are interested and have placed orders.

Try starting a spreadsheet on your computer with the order information of all of your friends and family so you remember who gets what and you will be able to follow up easily to ask how each product is helping them.

If you are ordering for someone who is not local, make sure to charge them for shipping to their house if you are placing this on your ER.

You can ship directly to your friend if you are using the regular “order” form and not adding their product to your ER order. There is also a feature where you can hide the price if you are charging them retail and you don’t want them to see your cost.