People have different reasons for sharing Young Living with others.

It is important to establish your “why” from the very beginning and to

share with your upline, or Young Living coach. Ask yourself:

What you are working the Young Living business for ?

What are the goals you are setting to get there? The business may

not go the way you expected, but if you stick with it and don’t quit

there are great rewards on the other side!

Here are some common motivations for doing the Young Living Business:

  • -  Help friends and family with health issues

  • -  Get your monthly order paid for

  • -  Make extra monthly income

  • -  Desire a residual income

  • -  Pay for kids’ college

  • -  Pay off debt

  • -  Work towards a large financial/life change


Whatever the motivation for sharing Young Living,it is important to

revisit your “why” often.

Listen to these two short calls about establishing your “why:”


❏  Melissa Poepping’s call on “DESIRES” (18 min):

❏  “Starting your Young Living business” Part 1 (35 min):

       Alana Bookhout made a worksheet to help business builders develop their business plan.

       Along with this worksheet she created a video tutorial.

❏  Watch the Video Here:

❏  Print out the worksheet here:



Tip #1: Set a Schedule


“Most people who quit on their network marketing business do so because they never truly connected with their purpose - their why - in the first place.” - Brian Carruthers


“You can work this business part-time but not part of the time.” It is important that when you set aside time to do your business that the time is purposeful, planned and that you are prepared. All businesses have business hours, and building your Young Living business is no different. If you desire to duplicate a larger network, it is important to set aside 10-15 hours of income producing activity each week. In her book, Rock Your Network Marketing Business, Sarah Robbins says that “busy work does not count toward your time. Busy work is comprised of checking Facebook, cleaning your office, calling your team to chat, or refreshing your sales reports over and over to see what’s happening in your business. Income producing activity consists of a few things:

  • ●  Sharing your business and inviting people to learn more.

  • ●  Sharing your product or service and inviting people to try (or learn more about)


  • ●  Following-up, signing people up, and getting them started.

    Look at your weekly planner and block out your 10-15 hours per week! “You must control your time or your time controls you.”

    Before getting started it is important to establish the times you will work. Here are some questions:

  • ❏  How many hours per week are you willing to work?

  • ❏  What days of the week will those hours be?

  • ❏  What is the best time to contact you?


One amazing thing about doing the Young Living business is that you can do it anytime and just about anywhere. The downside is that if you don’t learn to manage your time you will feel the pull to work the business anytime and just about anywhere. Below, you will find

a well-written article about how to use the time you do set aside for Young Living more effectively. 




Tip #2: Find Tools that Work for You

  • Did you know writing down your goals could make all of the difference in this business?

❏ Read this aricle:


There is a fantastic daily planner that can help you narrow down your goals, and schedule tasks to help you stay focused on your “why.”




Starting a new business can mean many thoughts going in different directions. Niccole Perez, and her husband Brandon, created a note taking system to help organize thoughts and task lists.

❏  Video Tutorial about the Note System and Passion Planner:


Tip #3: Make a Work Space

It can be a tiny desk in a corner of small room or sprawling desk in a large office, but having a work space in your home will be of the utmost benefit. As you start sharing Young Living with people, you’ll have notes, receipts, handouts, and a lot of other things to organize. If you start out with a plan for your space, it will be easier to transition to a larger downline and more things to keep in order.




“Since your outcomes are all a result of your moment-to-moment choices, you have incredible power to change your life by changing those choices. Step by step, day by day, your choices will shape your actions until they become habits, where practice makes them permanent.” - Darren Hardy