Its like a whole new Lanuage...

You didn't realize that once you became a Young Living member you were going to have to learn a new language...did you????

PV, OGV, PGV, what in the world. 

Okay, well let's talk their lingo....

PV is Personal Volume This is YOUR purchases. This is what you either purchase in your ER (Essential Reward) order or if you were to order something in the "shop" section of Young Living. You need to have a PV of 100 to receive commission checks from Young Living. No matter how high up the ladder you climb at Young Living, you ONLY need 100PV each month. (I like to think of this with Essential Reward orders as Point Value...meaning it's not really the $ amount, but more like items have points, sorry...I'm special, my brain has to have some other points of reference...if you read the Essential Rewards document you will know what I'm talking about).

OGV is Organization Group Volume This is YOUR group volume. This is everyone in your downline's total PVs all put together. This is YOUR PV + everyone's PV you sign up + everyone's PV they sign up and that keeps going down to every single person. (I tend to call this OVERALL Group Volume), but I do like the sound of "organization". I've always wanted to have my very own organization...guess I do now.

PGV is Personal Group Volume Oh, yes...they had to add in another one. This can get crazy confusing so sit up straight and put that thinking cap on. This is JUST like OGV, except it EXCLUDES all those who have reached the silver level AND those THEY signed up. I will explain Silver Level below. If you are new to YL, don't even worry about this right now. Your OGV and PGV should ALWAYS stay the same in the is not until someone you have signed up or someone they signed up reaches that SILVER status where you will see the OGV and PGV be different. OGV is EVERYONE'S total, no matter what level they are on...PGV is those who are under silver.

Leg This is someone who is signed up under you. They are a "leg". For instance....I have Natalie, Anna, and Lindsay under me. They are EACH one of my "legs". If you sign someone up they are a leg. Let's say Anna signs someone up...she is ALSO in my leg. WHOEVER Anna signs up and whoever THAT person signs up...they are ALL in my "Anna Leg". Same thing for Lindsay...that is my "Lindsay Leg". Same thing for Natalie...that is my "Natalie Leg".

Level This is the ranking of the people below you. If I sign up Anna, she is my level one. If Anna signs up someone, she is level two. If that person signs up someone, they are level three. It's numbered as it goes DOWN the leg.

Essential Rewards This is the monthly autoship program.

Customer This is somone who pays "retail" or purchases from you and is NOT a Young Living member.

Member This is someone who has signed up and purchased a "kit" from Young Living. They now have the ability to purchase at the distributor prices.

Distributor This is someone who has signed up as a Young Living member and they have signed up for Essential Rewards and they have an autoship order of 50PV or 100PV. (This will be explained in the Compensation Document).

Star This is someone who has 100PV and 500 OGV (This will be explained in the Compensation Document).

Senior Star This is someone who has 100PV and 2000 OGV (This will be explained in the Compensation Document).

Executive This is someone who has 100 PV, 4000 OGV and 2 legs having at least 1000 OGV each.

Silver This is someone who has 100 PV, 10,000 OGV and 2 legs having at least 4000 OGV each. You also need 1000 PGV (that means 1000 OGV that comes from someone under you who is NOT silver, or helped you reach silver). 

We are going to stop at Silver, I'll explain other levels in the Compensation Document.